Composite packaging plastic bags what are the main reason why the abscission layer

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

a: material no delamination caused by many manufacturers think all the bag material is same, it's not like that, for the different characteristics of the product requirements packaging material is different, some big oil, some products need high temperature processing, some products need low temperature cold storage, so the bag no delamination caused by material selection, it is very common. 2: composite technology does not pass the delamination of composite plastic bag is the layer above materials together to make bags, we specialize in known as: compound bag. These materials are through the special process of these materials together, if the technology does not pass, in the process of composite glue bag after use more or less will affect the abscission layer. 3: after the composite curing time is not enough after compound bag composite need put composite material in a constant temperature of 50 degrees an environment for baking, baking time to 48 hours, baking aim is to put the glue in the process of composite dry baking. Some manufacturers in order to reduce production time, baking time less than out ahead of time to do the bag, the bag after a period of time will appear the situation of the abscission layer of

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