Composition and application of green high temperature tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07

Green high-temperature adhesive tape: coated with high-temperature resistant silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on the PET substrate, which has good adhesion, strong retention in a high temperature environment of 200 degrees, and no residual glue, no break, mainly suitable for computer cases, cabinets, etc. The high-temperature powder is not sprayed, and the baking varnish is shielded for protection. (Main features: good viscosity, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, strong retention, no glue residue).

Green high temperature tape is mainly used for:

1. Insulation coating of wire and cable industry;

2. Insulation lining of electro-oxygen industry;


3. The surface cladding of the storage tank roller and the lining of the friction surface of the guide rail can be directly attached to various large flat surfaces and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers). The operation is simple, eliminating the need for professional equipment and special equipment for spraying PTFE materials. Restrictions on technology and must be transported to a professional spraying factory for processing;

4. Used in textile, food, medicine, wood processing and other sectors as insulating high-temperature materials;

5. Color printing packaging machine , Microwave drying of plastic woven wire drawing machine, various conveyor belts and various bag-making machines in the clothing hot-sealing packaging industry, and the hot-pressing sealing end face of the sealing machine.

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