Compound polyethylene tape economy

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

compound polyethylene tape manufacturing technology is a solvent-free manufacturing technology, is the development direction of anticorrosion tape production technology, manufacturing technology is also by far the most mainstream. Its successful development and industrialized production, the logo have mastered this tape production technology in our country, filled the solvent-free polyethylene tape industrialized production of blank in China.


compound polyethylene tape coating service life is long, thereby extended the anticorrosive coating maintenance cycle. Because of the main material of polyethylene tape, low density polyethylene and high stability of butyl rubber are all excellent polymer materials, they stay for a long period of stable performance, and structure does not change.


polyethylene tape from abroad the actual use of history and tape accelerated aging test results showed that the service life of polyethylene tape over 35 years. Polyethylene tape comprehensive economic cost is low. Tape main material cost in each big anticorrosive material is relatively low ( Slightly higher than the petroleum asphalt) , but because of the auxiliary low cost, no need of heat, water and electricity, lossless material and convenient transportation, construction is convenient. It should be said that polyethylene anticorrosive tape is the most economical anticorrosion materials.

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