Conductive cloth tape production process and method of use is introduced

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

conductive cloth is our main supply of goods, to introduce the following conductive cloth production processes and to use them.

, conductive cloth tape is polyethylene fiber cloth vinegar by pre treatment, metal coating, plating the metal coating is usually high conductive copper and nickel metal, then make the metallic characteristics and become conductive cloth, then evenly coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Conductive cloth tape from appearance is divided into: black, plain, crisscross, etc. , from the structure can be divided into single-sided and double-sided adhesive tape. < br / > conductive cloth production < br / > 2, conductive cloth tape is suitable for the computer monitor computer peripheral wire and transformer production, fine electronic goods, computer equipment, mobile phones, wire, cable, etc. ; High frequency transmission, isolate electromagnetic disturb. < br / > three soft, conductive cloth, cutting and no burrs, make hand smudgy, oxidation treatment, has excellent workability. < br / > 4, conductive cloth tape according to processing and cutting, die cutting, stamping into various specifications. It has the extremely good flexibility, electrical conductivity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance; Excellent friction function, excellent metal binding force and Z to the electrical conductivity, and can take up to 200 ℃ high temperature. < br / > 5, the use of conductive cloth tape and check the matters needing attention: conductive cloth tape should be placed the shade, prevent high temperature or humidity. Between quality assurance unit within six months after the production, conductive cloth tape finished ends with wrapping paper or film packaging, and in the proper carton, conductive cloth tape to the natural environment under low magnetic state when it is necessary to use the tape back to warm to room temperature (must be About 20 ℃) More than 3 hours.


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