Congratulations to the stationery industry for being selected as three of the 'Made in Zhejiang' standards!

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-29
Recently, the Zhejiang Brand Building Federation issued the '2020 The First Batch of Zhejiang Manufacturing Standards Development Plan'. According to the plan, three Zhejiang manufacturing standards in the Ningbo stationery industry have been selected, namely Beifa Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Kangda Art Supplies Group Co., Ltd.’s 'Highlight PenIn the Ningbo stationery industry, three Zhejiang manufacturing standards were selected, namely the 'Highlight PenThe selection of the three standards shows that the standardization of the stationery industry in Ningbo has been effective, and it has a significant role in promoting the stationery industry to improve its own innovation capabilities, product quality, management level and brand output.
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