Construction found in polypropylene adhesive tape is too wide

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Has a lot of new to polypropylene adhesive tape when users to buy tend to ignore a problem that is the width of the product, lead to in the construction to find products too wide or too narrow, delay the normal construction work will cause the product use fierce ah not so obvious, we need to cut myself at this time, that, of course, in order to products to be carried out in time will not affect the normal use, because is too wide found we look together in the construction of adhesive tape is too wide of the solution: < br />
one, the reason of polypropylene adhesive tape is too wide is divided into two kinds: < br />
1, the isolation of the membrane. < br />
2, without separation membrane. < br />
2, solution < br />
1, without isolation membrane: < br />
(1) the whole polypropylene adhesive tape roll is a whole, must use sharp cutting machine to finish cutting machinery. < br />
2. Hand tools cannot finish cutting work, and the general customers do not have the mechanical cutting machine so often cannot cut. < br />
solution: notice factory, for a replacement. < br />
2, polypropylene adhesive for bringing isolation membrane said because of the single layer thickness is small, we can use the scissors or a knife, cut it into a narrow. < br />
1. But it disadvantage is: cutting efficiency is lower, the workload is bigger, only suitable for a small amount of product. < br />
2. If the product is more, suggest to return the goods directly to the manufacturer, by manufacturer for processing. < br />
in the future to buy polypropylene adhesive tape, both old and new, we must see face to face with when buying and ask to see whether you need the product, don't wait to be used only when found, it will be too late for this time, not only delay the normal construction progress will waste also buy the cost of the product, so that thed loss outweights the gain, of course, if when you found too wide for use by the above method to solve, of course, if afraid tape width cut yourself bad can contact of specialized personnel. < br />

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