Construction site standard of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-02
Nowadays, the application of polypropylene adhesive tape can be said to be more and more, the field of use is also more and more widely, and no matter in any field, it can effectively help the pipeline to solve the corrosion situation, but the tape is in the process of construction , To ensure that the entire construction efficiency is high, and generally after the completion of the construction, it will be accepted on site. Only when the acceptance criteria are passed can it be officially used. In order to better let everyone understand the entire acceptance process, we will come together Take a look at the acceptance criteria of the tape construction site.

   1. First look at how the polypropylene adhesive tape is stored. Generally, the tape and primer are stored in a cool and dry place, and should be protected from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

  2. The inner rubber layer of the cold-wrapped anticorrosive tape is thick, which is mainly due to the anticorrosion effect of the rubber layer, and the base film thickness of the outer tape is mainly used to protect the anticorrosion layer.

  3. The construction temperature of the anticorrosive layer of the polypropylene adhesive tape should be between 5℃ and 30℃. If there is a lot of wind and sand, the primer and winding tape cannot be applied without reliable measures.

  4. There is also surface treatment. To clean up the attachments on the surface of the pipe, mechanical rust removal can be used. Only after the rust has reached the level, the tape can be wound.

   We all know that polypropylene adhesive tape is used in many different fields to solve the problem of pipeline corrosion and play a protective role. Therefore, before using it, we need to conduct an inspection and acceptance on the construction site according to the above standards, so Ensure that the tape can play a good role in the corresponding role. Of course, pay attention to the above matters during the construction, so as to ensure that it can be passed smoothly during the acceptance.
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