Construction specification of polypropylene anticorrosive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-03
In recent years, polypropylene anticorrosive tapes are used in more and more fields, and it is used more and more. Therefore, people’s requirements for products are gradually increasing. Therefore, when we carry out anti-corrosion work, we must strictly follow Operate according to the corresponding construction standards, but sometimes when it is used, the construction will be very difficult. At this time, if the corresponding construction specifications are not strictly followed, it will not only affect the normal use of the anti-corrosion tape, but sometimes It will cause harm to the construction personnel, so what are the construction specifications when the construction is carried out?

   1. The painting work of polypropylene anticorrosive tape should be carried out under good weather conditions. If it encounters thunder, rain, strong wind or above, or the air humidity is greater than 80%, the work should be stopped.

  2. Before starting work every day, on-site workers must strictly construct technical measures.

  3. The staff should carefully check whether the tools are in good condition before construction work.

  4. The operator must be qualified to participate in the anti-corrosion construction operation of the polypropylene fiber anti-corrosion tape after the protection measures are passed.

   5. The person in charge of polypropylene anti-corrosion tape work and the anti-corrosion personnel check the situation on the spot, and hold an on-site class meeting to explain the work tasks, protective measures, etc.

  6. The sandblasting staff must be supervised, and the guardian should have many years of practical experience in the work, and the guardian must not do other tasks.

  7. The winding of the pipe must follow the direction of the pipe to keep the distance from the working part.

   8. The construction must be carried out in accordance with the civilized technical specifications and requirements, so that the work is completed, the materials are exhausted, and the site is clear.

   9. When the polypropylene anticorrosive tape is wound, pay special attention to the masking distance.

   10. If the primer is overnight, it needs to be repainted on the day of construction and then taped to ensure the anti-corrosion effect and anti-corrosion life in the later period.

   In summary, it is the construction specification of polypropylene anticorrosive tape. No matter how superb your technology is or you are new to it, you should strictly abide by it during construction. Of course, you must be an experienced person to carry out the construction during the construction. It is not allowed to carry out the construction by yourself. It should also be noted that the tape and the pipeline should be regularly maintained and cleaned during the use period, so that it can be very good. Maintain the integrity of the anti-corrosion tape.

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