Continuous Ink Systems are great innovations.

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-27
Step-by-step Installations Tips First, open the printer case to find the inner parts of the printer wherein you can find the ink cartridges. Press the 'Change' button of the printer to bring the cartridges to the desired position. After that, you need to unplug the printer so that the cartridges do not start moving during the process of installation. Open the cartridge carrier cover and take out all the cartridges. Following that, you need to take out the cover lock of the cartridge carrier. You will need the screwdriver in order to do that. The cover lock clip you will find at the bottom end of the cover. Next remove the cover of the cartridge from the printer unit. This way, unhindered access to the printer carriage would be ensured. Next, the cartridges need to be removed from the printer. After that, you need to insert the Inklink continuous ink system into the cartridge bay of the printer. Make sure you push down on the cartridges to ensure they are locked into position Now push the printer carriage of the epson ink system to the right and left to make sure the tubing tension is correct. You can adjust this by sliding the tubing right or left. Next affix the tubing bridge across the big open space inside the printer. The protective paper that is covering the double sided tape at both the ends should be removed for attaching the bridge. Once attached ensure you hold the bridge in position and firmly press down on the double sided tape for a few seconds to ensure a good bond. The next thing to do is to position the holder atop the bridge by affixing the bridge with the adhesive. You need to lay the clip at an approximately 25 degrees of angle to the cartridges. This way, the tube can be moved freely. Ensure that full movement of the cartridge is not hindered. You also need to ensure that the tube obstructs not the paper exit.
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