Control of Air Bubbles in Polypropylene Adhesive Tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-03
In recent years, there are more and more fields of using polypropylene adhesive tape. Of course, the product can be used in such a wide range of applications is definitely inseparable from the performance of the product itself, but many users always have various Various problems, such as air bubbles during construction. I believe that many people think it is the quality of the tape when they encounter this problem. In fact, there is another possibility that is caused by improper operation. The phenomenon of bubbles in the product, so in order to control the phenomenon of bubbles in the tape, we can control from the following points:

   1. The design of the anti-corrosion layer is reasonable and standard:

  1. For different polypropylene adhesive tapes, choose the primer of the same company, and the matching choice of anti-corrosion layer and primer.

  2. Choose the appropriate width of anti-corrosion tape for different pipe diameters, which is easy to construct, and the force is even when winding.

   2. Standardization of anti-corrosion construction:

   1. During construction, avoid high temperature, humidity and other bad weather conditions, and the relative humidity should not be higher than 85 percent.

  2. Pay attention to the surface roughness and surface cleanliness of the polypropylene adhesive tape. Do not leave electrolyte, dust, grease and other impurities that affect the adhesion of the coating.

  3. Before construction, if it encounters rain or condensation, etc., make it dry before applying primer for anti-corrosion.

  4. Try to avoid high temperature and high humidity environment when using and storing products to reduce the chance of direct contact with water.

   3. Production process control of polypropylene adhesive tape primer:

  1. Strengthen production management, avoid the use of soluble seasonings, use solvents to take into account the volatilization balance, avoid excessive solvent residues, and use low-penetration base materials in high-humidity environments.

  2. Solvent volatilization rate or resin moisture content, pigment and filler hygroscopicity, etc., adjust the formula.

   When we use polypropylene adhesive tapes daily, we can control and pay attention to the above points, so as to reduce the phenomenon of bubbles when the tape is used. Of course, we still need to pay extra attention to it when using it. , Be sure to operate in strict accordance with the corresponding instructions, and some major details are in place. As long as you pay more attention to the thief, you will naturally avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles when you use it.

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