Crepe paper has good resistance to high temperature performance

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
U. S. profile of paper tape is a kind of high-tech decoration, widely used in interior decoration, household appliances paint, PCB gold-plated protection, surface oxidation treatment, easy spraying steel plate, resistance and capacitance is fixed, the beauty of some advanced masking tape has good resistance to high temperature performance ( Can be in normal use under 280 ℃) 。

1。 Depending on the viscosity, can be divided into low viscosity/viscosity/high viscosity in the belt.

2。 According to different purposes, can be divided into paint/spray tin foil masking tape.

3。 According to the material can be divided into ordinary/composite adhesive tape.

4。 According to the use of temperature, can be divided into low/high temperature tape.

5。 According to the color, can be divided into red, white, beige, etc. , can according to need to choose the right color.

common sewing glue is used, another is called composite sewing glue ( Base plate is made of crepe paper and pet film) 。 In use, the expansion of the composite paper sewing materials with high strength, not like the expansion of the ordinary paper. It is easy to break, textured paper tape, the general high temperature can reach 180 degrees, compound of crepe paper ultra high temperature can reach 280 degrees. In addition, adopt green organic silicon coating on glue made the compound adhesive paper. In the process of using easy peeling. Therefore, in the ordinary crepe paper production and processing, after high temperature easy to produce glue. Compound crepe paper is just the opposite.

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