Custom PE plastic bags teach you how to distinguish true from false

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-11

Now there are many companies producing PE tapes in the factories that produce customized PE tapes on the market, including some trading companies. If there is more than one product on the market, it will definitely cause the market to exceed demand. Many black-hearted merchants will use shoddy products to obtain high profits. Therefore, some victims have problems with the quality of PE plastic bags in the market. Then, let’s discuss how PE plastic bags can be customized below. Distinguish its authenticity until the coming year!

1. The authenticity of custom-made dust-free PE plastic bags: the production environment and raw material quality of dust-free polyethylene plastic bags directly affect the cleanliness requirements of the plastic bags. Dust-free plastic bags are manufactured in the clean production of the closed clean room to ensure that the plastic bags are pollution-free;

2. The authenticity of aseptic PE plastic bags customized: the production environment of aseptic polyethylene bags It is level 100. During the production process, the raw materials are operated separately from the production workshop to prevent the contamination of aseptic plastic bags during the production process. The aseptic plastic bag cutting workshop adopts high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization to ensure the aseptic quality of plastic bags.

3. The authenticity of customized medical PE plastic bags:
The production environment of medical PE plastic bags is Completed under the qualified requirements of the dust level inspection, the raw materials, production workshops, and packaging workshops are completely sealed off from production, ensuring the high quality and cleanliness of customized medical PE plastic bags.

4. The authenticity of customized silicone-free PE plastic bags:
The customized silicone-free PE plastic bags are cut in a dust-free environment to ensure that the plastic bags are pollution-free and the plastic bags are clean;
5. The authenticity of general PE plastic bag customization:
Without the requirements of environmental protection factories, the general PE plastic bag production environment has been completed, which is not suitable for special needs.

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