Decoration decoration of masking tape of China and the United States

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
Tapes are made from crepe paper as crepe paper, single-side coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, industry generally known as pressure-sensitive adhesive < br /> crepe paper tape. Use at room temperature, suitable for civilian use commercial architectural decoration decoration, paint, paint, color, shading, < br /> also can be used for there is no homework of heat-resistant electronic, automotive industry under the condition of fixed seal affixed, shelter and protection without painted. < br /> face to share with you about the masking tape in the role of civil use commercial architectural decoration decoration, and advantages.

      U. S. profile of paper tape than the average household wallpaper soft, more suitable for the construction site and indoor and outside decoration, viscous medium. Beauty < br /> grain tape for most smooth surface with good adhesion and shelter, in a variety of high-grade place or household to decorate a party < br /> then, fast and beautiful. < br /> < br /> 1。 The masking tape fine consistency, strong adhesion. < br /> 2。 Recycling, tape cutting smooth edges. < br /> 3。 Smooth surface, good stickiness, good docile, viscosity and viscous and applicable in different temperature phase of the U. S. profile of paper tape. < br /> 4, special type of adhesive, provides excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistant performance, without any adhesive residue. < br /> 5, tape can be easily bent into curve protection for circular edge there won't be broken. < br /> 6, retention sticky tape itself even under pressure can still provide adequate retention. < br /> 7, easy tear and convenience operation even when using scissors or knife still can use. < br /> 8, docile sex tape can lie down in the high curvature of surface, thickness is not enough to be retroactive. < br /> 9, moderate volume force not too heavy nor too light solution volume of easy to operate. < br /> 10, smooth tape base material is smooth, does not cause the user 勄 skin feeling. < br /> 11, not easy to break into pieces of tape will not automatically divided into many pieces. < br /> 12, fleeting sticky tape of a contact that is sticky. < br /> 13, the solvent resistance crepe paper base material ability solvent penetration. < br /> so, later no longer spend money to buy wallpaper decorating, more convenient and convenient, fast and affordable decoration decoration.

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