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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-14
Whether you are a customer of small business or a large-scale organization, the optimal technology for reliable protection and backup of your vital data is the LTO ultrium format. This cutting-edge LTO format was developed to satisfy the complex and rapidly growing backup needs of the customers at the best price. Dell carefully designs its products with durability and supreme quality in mind. Dell offers a complete LTO ultrium solution that balances performance and cost-efficiency. Dell PowerVault LTO drives, based on third generation LTO-3 format, are well-suited for database applications, mid-sized organizations, network servers, busy data centers, workgroups and small businesses. In order to provide connectivity to a wider range of IT environments, Dell has developed both full and half-height PowerVault LTO-3 drives. Furthermore, the internal and external models of Dell LTO 3 drives further enhance the media options. Dell LTO3 tape cartridge can retain 400GB / 800GB information. Its part number is 0HC591. Dell LTO 3 tape cartridge features the capacity and robustness to meet the demands of busy data centers and enterprise applications. Dell LTO3 tapes are shock-resistant that helps to safely transport and store the tape cartridge at remote locations. Dell PowerVault LTO 3 drives can transfer data at a blazing speed of 80 Mbps (native). LTO technology's open standard provides drive and tape cartridge compatibility among different brands. Open standard leads to competitive prices, innovation, investment protection, superior quality and higher return on investment. In addition to Dell, the other foremost brands of LTO-3 are: 26230002, Fuji LTO3 tape D2406-LTO3, TDK LTO 3 ultrium tape C7973A, HP LTO3 backup tape 183900, Maxell LTO3 tape MR-L3MQN-01, Quantum LTO3 ultrium-3 tape LTX400GWW, Sony LTO3 tape SMB customers can also count on DAT160 tape, DDS 4 tape, VXA-2 tape, SDLT tape, DAT72 tape, AIT tape, Travan tape, DLT-IV tape and SLR-MLR tape. You can take full advantage of the Dell LTO tape products by utilizing the Dell's world-class support services and technical assistance. Therefore, the I.T managers can efficiently manage the complexity and enhance their productivity at a lower cost. Dell LTO3 ultrium solution is also widely used for supply-chain management, data mining and digital audio/video applications. Adoption of Dell LTO3 ultrium technology is really a quality decision, as you can cost-effectively satisfy the government legislations and enjoy long term reliability. WORM (write once, read many) is a robust data security functionality that has been added to the LTO3 format. WORM mechanism puts a stop to malicious data deletions, modifications and un-intentional over writings. Recording interface offered by Dell PowerVault LTO 3 drives is SCSI ultra-160 LVD. These super-fast drives deliver unmatched reliability with a spectacular MTBF of 250,000 hours. Dell has enhanced the capacity of internal data buffer to 128 MB, which helps to deliver consistent performance and un-interrupted backups even under heavy workloads. Dell LTO-3 technology provides I.T managers complete peace of mind through cost-effective backups and robust data protection. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners. Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets and online. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Frank Miller 3984 Washington Blvd #503 Fremont CA 94538 Tel: 888-686-8273 Fax: 888-449-5050 Email:
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