Different colors of crepe paper is there a difference to use

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Tapes are made from crepe paper as crepe paper made of single coating and adhesive tape, textured paper used friends all know that the color of the crepe paper is quite rich, is very good-looking, manufacturers make a variety of color purely for aesthetics, moral or otherwise.

we produce white and colour crepe paper, small make up to you to explain these colorful crepe paper to use what are the differences.

the color of the masking tape is each manufacturer to distinguish between performance and processed, each manufacturer may not match the uniform color and performance, need to consult before buying it.

but after a long time of production and sales, there are a few color on the market gradually formed a fixed, such as white mostly for the common crepe paper, crepe paper performance, suitable for various occasions, the most affordable price, and yellow for crepe paper and heat-resistant, crepe paper link of the lacquer that bake oven used, and the orange is waterproof crepe paper and paper tape, surface coated with silicone oil, to a certain extent can be waterproof, suitable for outdoor construction.

summary, the color is not the performance difference is the key to crepe paper, it is just for the sake of factory production and sales of more easy to distinguish, customized special performance or consulting crepe paper manufacturers more!

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