Different types of polyethylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-31

Types of polyethylene adhesive tape

1. Composite anti-corrosion adhesive tape (butyl rubber type): the first to appear is generally a set of anti-corrosion system composed of inner belt (anti-corrosion belt), outer belt (protective belt) mending belt and primer.

2. Polyethylene 600 type anti-corrosion adhesive tape (modified asphalt type): also known as one-piece tape, with a thicker adhesive layer, the general thickness can be from 0.8mm-4.0mm, which is a new variety of anti-corrosion tape .

3. Polyethylene double-sided adhesive type anticorrosive adhesive tape (composite adhesive): This type of tape has composite butyl rubber on both sides, generally only used as an anticorrosive tape (inner tape), and is used in the South Asian subcontinent It is relatively widely used and is rarely used in China, mainly because it is rarely designed. The domestic standard is not perfect.

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