Discern between true and false high temperature adhesive tape and industrial applications

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
High temperature adhesive tape is mainly has two main components: base material and glue 2 parts, parts manufacturers to reduce costs, is also a way to lower the price of, its real quality at a discount greatly; KAPTON high-temperature tape, for example, false heat resistance performance and insulation performance are far lower than the real polyimide tape, it actually is the dark brown's PET film base material used, coating of silica gel, because the temperature of the practical application of some industry does not need to be too high, no more than 260 degrees, the highest heat resistance is 220 ° of PET, so in general is not easy to find, what's more.

USES as a silica gel water and use another such as acrylic glue, glue the temperature tolerance is far less than 150 °. Upset in the process of actual use. Affect the use effect.

high temperature tape, that is, under high temperature and the working environment to use adhesive tape, mainly used in the electronics industry USES, high temperature adhesive tape production process is: from the raw material of plastic particles added to the blown film machine. Blow into a plastic film. The width in 1. 3 m or so. According to the tape. Choose a different plastic particles, and adding some special additives. After the blown film and then put the film on to coating glue coating machine.

this process is selected according to the viscosity and the use of tape needed to glue, is the tape after coating is good. Just now is 1 wide. Length of 3 M, with hundreds of M great volumes of plastic film. Then there is the large volume of plastic film by rewinding machine back into small roll of film. This is according to our usual use of the length of the tape need also for rewinding. Such as rolled into 20 m or 30 m length of the small film.

rewinding of sliced into small film slitting machine to use at ordinary times the width of the tape need. Such as width of 1 cm wide or other will do. High temperature adhesive tape production the most impact on the quality of the biggest link is blown film and coating the two processes. These two processes, is semi-finished products, and then the rewinding. Cutting and these effects are small.

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