Do you have a silverfish infestation, but either

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-07
Three non chemical based control techniques that are essential to controlling silverfish bugs are, eliminate food sources, reduce humidity, seal all possible entry points. Anything that silverfish eat should be put into sealed containers, plastic tubs are the best. Silverfish eat all kinds of stuff, books, glue, panty foods, cloth, each other, etc... If you leave food for them, you won't be able to get rid of them. This is really important, please don't overlook this step. Reducing humidity, especially in places silverfish are known to hang around. Think of places in your house that are damp and dark, and seek to reduce humidity in those places. The idea is to make these places less desirable to silverfish. Sealing all possible entry points, this should be done with caulk, don't try to get off easy by using tape, as silverfish will eat the tape... If you don't know how to caulk go to Home Depot or Lowes, someone there will show you how, also there's bound to be a few videos on you tube on the subject. Two chemical based control techniques essential to silverfish control are, applying an exterior/perimeter spray or powder and attacking them where they live. Lets begin outside, salt and cloves are great silverfish repellents, to the entire perimeter of your home, where to wall meets the ground, apply salt, cloves or diatomaceous earth. Salt and Cloves act as a repellent, while Diatomaceous Earth can be lethal. Next, you'll need to locate the sources of the infestation inside your house, usually there will be one or two, but if you have a large dwelling you might have more. People frequently have to use traps to really pinpoint the source of an infestation, the idea is that you set traps out in areas you think they are, if you catch a lot, you've found the source, although if you already know the source, traps are still useful, they help to take out some of the adult population, thereby slowing down the life cycle. Finally, anything I have not covered in this article is covered in greater detail at my website silverfish, a link to which is provided just below this article.
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