Do you know about duct tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

duct tape with gauze with polyethylene fiber thermal compound for the base material. Synthesis of glue with high viscosity, strong stripping force, tensile resistance, resistance to grease, old aging resistance, heat resistance, waterproof, anticorrosion, high adhesive tape is a kind of adhesive force is larger. USES

duct tape is mainly used for carton sealed suture, heavy strapping, carpet, waterproof packing and so on. At present, in the automotive industry, papermaking industry also frequently used in the mechanical and electrical industry, used in automobile cabin, chassis, cabinets waterproof measures such as a better place. Easy to die cutting processing.

elongation ( %) : 180 ° peel strength ( N/CM) 0. 49

polyethylene with gauze fiber thermal compound 0. 18 ( Taupe) 15 to 30, 70. 18 ( Taupe) 15 to 30, 70. 18 ( Silver grey) 70 15 3 [ 1] Classification of

duct tape according to the different glue, can be divided into hot melt duct tape, rubber duct tape.

additionally according to the requirement is different, have double duct tape and single duct tape.

the yellow duct tape in currently used in papermaking industry, basic it is imported. Is only one in jiangsu province in China.

according to the color can be divided into: black, silver grey cloth duct tape, duct tape, green, duct tape, duct tape of duct tape, white, red ochre cloth duct tape.

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