Do you know the aluminum foil tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
Tape products a lot of more phyletic, different types of tapes have different effects. What is the role of the aluminum foil tape, believes that many people are not very clear, it should be how to use, the following is a brief introduction for everybody!

some adhesive tape is used for packing goods, have a plenty of warning role, some can prevent slippery, others can prevent leakage. Tape with special functions are usually used in a specific environment, or for certain kinds of goods.

the role of the aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil, aluminum foil tape base material is the rubber using the high pressure sensitive adhesive. Aluminum foil has the performance of heat preservation, used in electronic products, can also serve electromagnetic shielding

purity higher than 99 aluminum foil tape of the aluminum foil. 95%, then have the ability to eliminate electromagnetic interference, can isolate electromagnetic wave, to avoid harming human body. Aluminum foil tape will not affect the normal function of the electronic products.

aluminum foil tape can be used in all kinds of transformers, laptops, computers, mobile phones, PDP, PDA, LED displays, copiers and other electronic products, the main effect is electromagnetic shielding function into full play. While used in steam pipe outside can prevent temperature is not lost.

the base film thickness of aluminum foil anticorrosive tape, at 0. 5 to 0. Between 7 mm, its quality, the better, anti-corrosion effect is better, how to judge a good aluminum foil anticorrosion adhesive tape? To understand together.

first, take a look first at the appearance of the aluminum foil tape, also can see that from the appearance, neat appearance, good quality tape is not damaged, and no gap between layer and layer of adhesive tape.

aluminum foil tape, the second, take a tear of a tape of the sub inspection, even if the rubber tape, paste is very strong also, explain quality is better.

third, you can also use the hand feel the softness of the aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil tape is too hard, if it is not conducive to the construction, if too soft, tensile strength is not enough, medium is better.

4, aluminum foil tape, high temperature long enough, is not afraid of fire, and excellent flame retardancy, burn not bad, when the flame burning for a long time, aluminum foil tape on the surface of leaves carbon black, carbon black wiped gently away, exposing the aluminum foil the color of the original.

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