Do you know the difference between the aluminum foil bag and compound bag what? Aluminum foil bag factory for you to solve!

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Aluminum foil bag refers to the category of compound bag containing aluminum foil compound bag, according to the characteristic with the properties of aluminium with other high separation after dry type composite material made of aluminum foil bag products. Compound bag main film base material are: outer layer can be printed film BOPA, BOPET, BOPP CPPPE lining can be heat sealing membrane, and co-extrusion film. AL( Aluminum foil) Also is one of them, these materials according to the requirements as an intermediary, usually through glue composite composite film! Aluminum foil bag of common structure are: PET/PA/PE or CPP PET/AL/CPP PA/AL/CPP PET/PA0 / AL/CPP. Which is suitable for the use of low temperature PE, CPP is suitable for high temperature cooking that PA is to increase physical strength, durability performance, AL foil is to increase the blocking performance, shading, generally as an intermediary PET, increase the mechanical strength, crisp. Then according to the demand, combination, various performance, also have a transparent, in order to increase the barrier property 【 Resistance of oxygen resistance wet 】 Can use water resistant PVA high barrier coating.

1, aluminum foil bag with a metallic luster, for heat and light with high reflection ability, and the aluminum foil bag printing color is more beautiful and bright.

2, aluminum foil bag isolation performance is good, protective performance is strong, has the characteristics of tight gas and water vapour, and thus can effectively prevent the absorption of moisture content and gasification is installed inside, susceptible to bacteria and insects, shape stability is good, is not affected by humidity change.

3, block or elution parts of aluminum plating, can get any design and any transparent window, so that the customer can see the packing content, this is a major progress of aluminum foil bag production technology, is also a significant characteristics of aluminum foil bag.

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