Do you know the glue in the tape? carton sealing paper factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
The sealing tape production factory shares with you: more and more tapes are used in life now, so do you know the glue use of tapes? Let me introduce to you below! The glue of the tape is acrylic glue, the main component is tincture, and tincture is a polymer active substance, and the temperature will have a certain impact on the molecular activity. Colored tapes are used for marking and masking purposes. Generally, there are more beige and khaki, and the color of colored tapes is the color of glue. Pinch the scotch tape tightly and then quickly pull it apart, you can pull off the glue on one side, and you can see the purity and transparency of the original film. For the simple knowledge of scotch tape, I hope you can learn more from it, and welcome everyone to Mingan Packaging to buy!
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