Duct tape and what is the difference between the common adhesive tape, do you know?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

cloth base as a kind of multifunctional adhesive tape, with its rich and colorful applications began to come into our daily, gradually replace the position of the transparent sealing tape. So how is the duct tape and transparent packing tape is different? Let's do a simple comparison:

first to analyze from the aspects of viscous

compared with transparent OPP packing tape, cloth duct has a higher viscosity. Duct tape also can be adjusted according to actual use glue gram, customize different viscosity.

secondly to analyze from the aspects of tensile

transparent OPP tensile resistance is low, commonly used in ordinary objects packaging. For some large heavy strapping, ordinary tape tolerance is limited, there is no way to finish strong solid packing banding homework.

composite duct tape by polyethylene film and gauze as base material, gauze fiber make it has strong tensile resistance. In big heavy strapping homework, we can with a instead of ordinary adhesive tape.

finally from the operating process to analyze

transparent OPP sealing need to use when using or graphic tools, household is not very convenient in use.

duct tape don't see it then tensile, in practice, need not use any props, can easily tear by hand directly, very convenient.

of course, the duct tape is colourful, oil resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion features. On the ground our logo, pipe repair, handicrafts packaging all aspects can be used to it. < br / >

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