Duct tape mesh is what mean?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
A lot of new to duct tape friends may not clear, the duct tape is what kind of tape? Also some friends want to know what is the characteristic and usage of duct tape. We think they should be just want to know about the contact personnel of duct tape. Follow the below small make up look together! !

so, in front of the some information in the process, we have more or less have tell you the number of new indexes, this product should be less detailed introduced the index, so today we emphasize to introduce the concept of the duct tape mesh, what's the meaning of this problem.

believe that you usually wear clothes, know their clothes are woven with a thread of silk, in general, the strands tiny are tightly woven together. In contrast, the cloth of duct tape yarn to relatively thick some, the interval between them than clothes, the fabric density is sparse. The duct tape mesh here is refers to the density of the silk thread of the duct tape. Believe that everyone should be able to understand it.

so, the greater the mesh of duct tape, duct tape yarn nature more closely, on the other hand, the density of the duct tape is more sparse. So, between two levels, what are the different reaction? Now small make up will tell you, the higher the mesh of the duct tape, high tensile strength, the comparison of duct tape tearing tidy, instead of the duct tape tensile strength is not so high. To sum up, this is to introduce the duct tape of the introduction of mesh.

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