Duct tape poisonous? Harmful to the body?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Now the whole country, you are on the environmental issues more attention, this is related to the safety and health, so we think it is necessary to let everybody know the duct tape safety and health problems. Everyone in the exhibit, or with duct tape to stick the body skin, whether formed form direct or indirect harm to the body. So I am here for you reveal about the duct tape poisonous? It is harmful to the body of the question. I think knowing of: classification of duct tape, that is specific in which the use of the duct tape, then we should from now we will from the following several aspects to make notes for everyone

1, from heat preservation, duct tape so insulation duct tape is mainly used around the pipe, cost is low, natural less demanding in some environmental aspects, the most common is the rubber duct tape. I believe you do insulation materials in some shops are more or less seen. This aspect of the duct tape may be the requirements of environmental protection is not so high.

2, the second is stickup carpet of duct tape. A piece of duct tape relatively in the home or the environmental protection, basically each duct tape manufacturer can give green carpet duct tape test report. On the other hand of duct tape is mainly used to stick the carpet, so, carpet fit together well.

3, in the end, is the rubber duct tape, the duct tape is accord with environmental protection tape. The most common is natural rubber duct tape, this kind of duct tape is in line with ROHS certification, is because the ROHS environmental protection standard, relatively more higher than domestic standards. So the duct tape is accord with environmental protection, not cause great harm to the body.

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