Duct tape waterproof effect?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Often listen to everybody did ask waterproof duct tape. Everybody is compared commonly wonders if everybody will duct tape affixed to the outdoor carpet, if you have touched the water or rain, so whether duct tape can be waterproof, but can't afford to become warped, I believe that the brothers that friends should be what you mean.

so good, let me explain for everyone today waterproof effect of duct tape? Through experiments and tests, we found that the duct tape can be waterproof, and the effect is quite good. If you don't believe it, the vast number of friends can experiment yourself, what about the results of the test, be clear at a glance, what also do not need testing costs.

in order to give you now explain why duct tape can be waterproof, duct tape can be waterproof, completely is because the surface of the duct tape coating mold silicone oil, add a layer of mold release agent, can let the adhesive surface easily. The surface is smooth and transparent, have waterproof function.

well, had to introduce the duct tape above waterproof effect how the test results, the reasons. Believe that everyone should be there are feeling now.

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