Due to the perfect and latex-free adhesive Flexotape

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-10
The FLEXOTAPE - Kinesiology tape is an elastic medical tape used by athletes all over the world. Depending on the technique it shifts the skin and fascia to get a myofascial release. It facilitates more blood flow to the injured body part, and enables faster recovery of muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The kinesio tape doesn't limit the range of motion of the injured body part and is extremely comfortable to wear. But to enjoy the benefits offered by this special adhesive tape, it is important to use it the right way. The method of application of the FLEXOTAPE - kinesio tape would depend on the nature of the injury. If a person is suffering from Achilles Tendinitis, the kinesio tape must be used such that the tendons are off-loaded and protected from overuse. For this, the tape must off-load the calf muscle at certain parts. Here's one basic way of using it: Cut a piece of FLEXOTAPE kinesio tape and round off the edges. Dorsiflex your foot and place one end of the stripe at the bottom of your heel. Now stretch the tape and apply it on the heel, stop before the Achilles tendon. Keep your ankle flexed and apply the tape without stretch up to the popliteal fossa. Lastly, rub the well in order to activate the hypo allergic acrylic adhesive. In case you are suffering from Runner's Knee, shin splints, impingement syndromes, there are many applications for instant pain relieve with long lasting benefits. By FLEXOTAPING you can get a myofascial release to reduce tension on the patella or patella tendon for a quick relief from Jumper's knee for example. It is of utmost importance to apply the tape with the right techniques but it is also important to use a good quality tape. In addition to applying the tape in the right manner, it is important to use a good quality tape. The kinesio tape must be elastic, latex-free, and should be made of cotton to ensure free movement and quick recovery of the affected body parts. Flexotape meets all your needs and has one of the best latex-free adhesive. Flexotape is the most popular kinesio tape in sports. Many elite sport clubs like Manchester City FC or Scotland Rugby have been using the FLEXOTAPE. To buy FLEXPTAPE - the No 1 kinesio tape or to learn more about the myofascial kinesiology taping.
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