[Engineering office supplies] Company colleagues went to Taiwan to exchange and study, visit the Taipei International Travel Expo

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-24
In order to continue to organize the Ningbo International Travel Expo well and learn from the exhibition experience of overseas counterparts, our company's President Zhou led some colleagues to visit Kuzhong Exhibition in Taiwan and observe the Taipei Winter Travel Expo. On November 3, colleagues from the engineering office supplies company visited Quzhong Exhibition Co., Ltd., and the engineering office supplies visited the Quzhong company. In order to continue to organize the Ningbo International Travel Exhibition and learn from overseas counterparts’ exhibition experience, our company Mr. Zhou led some colleagues to visit Kuzhong Exhibition in Taiwan and watched the Taipei Winter Travel Exhibition. On November 3rd, colleagues from the Engineering Office Supplies Company visited Quzhong Exhibition Co., Ltd., and the Engineering Office Supplies visited the Quzhong Company and exchanged in-depth exhibition experience with General Manager Zhou Xiaoqing. Ningbo Travel Exhibition received selfless help and guidance from Kuzhong Exhibition. In 2013, our general manager Zhou Huajie and Kuzhong Exhibition Associate Liu Kairong met for the first time in Ningbo, and the two parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention. At the beginning of 2014, I went to Taipei to exchange and study with the general manager of Quzhong Exhibition Week. In August 2014, the general manager of Quzhong Exhibition Zhou Xiaoqing and his party personally came to Ningbo to conduct pre-show training for exhibitors of the first Ningbo Travel Exhibition, which laid a solid foundation for the successful holding of Ningbo Travel Exhibition. Base. Kuzhong Exhibition is a leading exhibition company in Taiwan. It held 42 exhibitions in 2015. The Taipei Spring Travel Exhibition held by it is one of Taiwan's most famous travel exhibitions. It has more than ten years of experience in organizing travel exhibitions. The exhibitions held by engineering office supplies include animation fairs, furniture fairs, wedding fairs, etc., attracting more than one million visitors every year. General Manager Zhou Xiaoqing shared a lot of successful experience in the promotion of exhibitors and visitors, without reservation, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks! On November 6, the company’s colleagues visited the 2015 Taipei International Travel Fair (ITF), which was held in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 and Hall 3. There were 3 halls with 1,450 booths and 60 countries or regions exhibiting. Exhibitors used travel agencies. , Engineering office supplies, airlines, tourism bureaus, hotels and restaurants. Exhibitors have launched very attractive products, low-cost tourist routes, accommodation packages, and the physical presentation of gluttonous meals, coupled with the active and enthusiastic sales staff. Every booth was packed with passionate audience. According to official website data, it has attracted more than 270,000 visitors in the first three days. The hotel and catering industry exhibition area of u200bu200bthe Taipei Travel Expo is especially popular. Exhibitors will present the dishes in kind. The travel exhibition will sell catering coupons at discounted prices. The coupons are valid for a long time. They can still be used during special holidays or after a certain period of time to make up the difference. Therefore, Attracting many audiences to buy on-site, long queues can be seen everywhere. The product integration and on-site promotion strategies of the Taipei Travel Fair are what we Ningbo Travel Fair exhibitors most need to learn from. Compared with the hundreds of thousands of visitors at the Taipei Travel Fair, the audience promotion of the Ningbo Travel Fair needs to be further strengthened. We benefited a lot from this trip to Taiwan, and we have more confidence in running the next travel exhibition!
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