Exhaust duct tape in the application and characteristic of die cutting industry

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Exhaust duct tape, just as its name implies is refers to the drainage of die cutting process of waste tape, it is these years with the development of die cutting industry and new products.

  Exhaust duct tape main types are: crepe tape, OPP waste belt, green belt, silent silicone adhesive tape, etc. , these waste tape material and the unit price also is different, of which green silica gel with the highest price, the second are textured tape, adhesive tape, silent performance-to-price ratio highest OPP waste tape.

  This several exhaust duct tape is generally use hose production, because of the exhaust duct tape is used commonly - 300 metres 600 m long, if the paper tube production is easy to deformation, and can produce the paper scraps, affect the cleanliness material. There are a lot of waste when tape manufacturers do not pay attention to the blade sharpness, edge uneven, often leads to the problem of waste tape pull it off, that is about the types and characteristics of exhaust duct tape.

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