Factors that affect the service life of the polyethylene tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
As is known to all, polyethylene tape is a kind of very good anti-corrosion materials, construction industry and products to use substances does not produce environmental pollution, and was deeply loved by many users and recognition. Although the performance of the adhesive tape is very good, but in the use of time, often because of improper use or will always be some external factors, lead to tape the anti-corrosion effect is not ideal,, in turn, affect the service life of the belt, what are the factors that affect the service life of the tape? < br / >
1, the pipe surface processing quality, surface processing quality is directly related to polyethylene tape cohesive to the steel pipe, if processes is not good to blister rust, cock, return, and will affect the tape anti-corrosion effect, reduce the service life. < br / >
2, external mechanical forces: the general gas transmission pipeline is buried, has certain concealment. The basic construction along the pipeline, including excavation channel, road Bridges, building, etc. , in the case of not clear pipe location is easy to occur outside of protective coating for damage and pipeline accidents. < br / >
3, construction method, under the pipe handling, storage, loading, ditch, backfilling etc. If you do not pay attention to during the process of the anticorrosive coating damage easily, especially if there is a clod in backfill, the stone will be outside parts of polyethylene tape coating, thus affecting corrosion effect and life. < br / >
4, repairing, patching: we know that oil pipeline welding mouth goes on repairing process, must carry on the patching lesions. Repairing patching quality of metal pipeline corrosion protection also is very important. If processing is bad, will directly affect the entire pipeline anticorrosion effect. < br / >
the above is the factors that affect the service life of the polyethylene tape, in fact, in addition to the above factors, will also include a lot of natural disasters, such as debris flow, landslide, landslides, floods, etc. , also can damage the coating in the pipeline, which can lead to shorten the term of validity, so it requires the user to be carried out in time must pay attention to the issues above, three points of course material, seven points of construction, the quality of the construction is also decides the service life of the adhesive tape and anti-corrosion effect, so in when they have to operate in the correct operating steps and requirements for the construction. < br / >
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