[Factory wholesale stationery] Post-00 study report, how stationery operators can seize the main consumer in the future

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-21
In 2016, the youngest post-90s generation was 17 years old, and the vast majority of post-90s generations will leave high school this summer. This also means that for campus stationery stores for small, junior, and high school students, wholesale stationery by manufacturers has become a consumer market for post-00s. Compared with the post-90s, post-00s have a strong sense of self-centeredness and pop culture... In 2016, the youngest post-90s were 17 years old, and most of the post-90s will leave high school this summer. This also means that for campus stationery stores for small, junior, and high school students, wholesale stationery by manufacturers has become a consumer market for post-00s. Compared with the post-90s, post-00s’ strong self-centeredness and more individual interpretation of popular culture are gradually rewriting the rules of the game in the stationery industry. This article will use the cultural attributes of the post-00s as an entry point to discuss the future changes in consumer trends in the stationery industry and provide valuable references. ◆ ◆ ◆Strong desire to express, wholesale stationery manufacturers attach importance to personal experience. Today’s teenagers around 15 years old compare their peers 5-10 years ago. The more open information environment makes their values u200bu200bdiversified. In addition to focusing on performance and rankings, others Outstanding skills, such as music, painting, computer, etc., can satisfy more post-00s' desire for expression and fulfill the needs of social recognition. Compared with being loyal to a certain brand, post-00s pay more attention to experience and participation. The survey of wholesale stationery manufacturers shows that in the past ten years, the loyalty of 15-year-old teenagers to the brand has dropped by 7%, in contrast to the emphasis on personal experience. This has brought important enlightenment to stationery shop operators: the strong personal awareness after 00 heralds the arrival of a wave of personalized consumption, and homogenized stationery products and services must undergo content dissemination reforms, and manufacturers wholesale stationery to satisfy young consumers. Pay attention to the desire of the focus, and seek a way to solve the personalized consumption. ◆ ◆ ◆The new generation of the main consumer has a more rational consumption concept. Post-00s are the new generation of Chinese people. They are no longer as frugal as their parents and are more enthusiastic about consumption than their peers in other countries. They have independent thinking and have a higher degree of acceptance of local brands. Manufacturers wholesale stationery no longer blindly worship foreign brands, and their consumption concepts are more rational. Don't talk about the price/performance ratio, it is the kingly way to match my style. Compared with young people in other countries around the world, young consumers in China are more brand-conscious, and their emotional connection with the brand is stronger. The new generation pays more attention to whether the brand conforms to their personality, whether they are young and energetic when they consume. ◆ ◆ ◆ Otaku who care about health. The rapid development of the Internet makes post-00s become an otaku. Regardless of the length of the holiday, 70% of people choose to stay at home and study, socialize, and entertain in a more comfortable environment. While staying at home, in addition to 30% of the time spent studying, playing games and surfing the Internet on mobile phones also accounted for 16% and 14% respectively. At the same time, post-00s are also a group of people who care about health. They have a strong focus on food health. In the past ten years, the consumption of healthier drinks, such as 100% pure fruit juice, tea drinks, and fruit and vegetable drinks has increased by 17, 13 and 11 respectively. Percentage points. While manufacturers wholesale stationery, their consumption of Western-style fast food, cola and instant coffee dropped by 5, 13 and 9 percentage points respectively. Facing pressure actively and paying attention to health, otaku bring potential opportunities for stationery stores: future products and services should be more focused on helping post-00s solve their academic worries, helping them relax and decompress, making their homes more comfortable, or vice versa And so, manufacturers wholesale stationery to create healthier and environmentally friendly stationery choices for them, and guide a healthy lifestyle. ◆ ◆ ◆ Cute communication language, symbiosis with idols Post-00s have their own unique communication vocabulary. Mengmengda and other adorable languages u200bu200bare flooding social media. According to the survey, the number of online emoticons used by post-00s is 55% higher than that of post-90s, which is 3 times that of post-80s. Correspondingly, if a stationery store can properly use buzzwords in its operations, it can win a rise in popularity. The post-00 star chasing method is more focused on emotional sustenance and identity recognition. A survey of wholesale stationery manufacturers shows that 51% of Weibo content in post-00s is related to idols. Not only can they choose to wear the same style of clothing as the celebrity, they can also imitate the living habits and behavior of their idols of the same age. The stationery products around celebrities can resonate greatly with fan groups, thereby bringing considerable market potential. ◆ ◆ ◆ Post-00s influence household purchase decisions Post-00s have a rational judgment on trends. Compared with ten years ago, today’s post-00s’ approval rate for giving up practicality for fashion has dropped by 6%. As a generation that has grown up with e-commerce, the willingness to pay for cash after 00 has dropped by 18%, the willingness to save has dropped by 8%, and the acceptance of debt consumption has risen by 10%. What's more noteworthy is their sensitivity to trends and the ability to collect information. The wholesale stationery manufacturers also give them an important voice in family shopping decisions. More and more parents will listen to the suggestions of post-00s. When stationery stores choose products to purchase, products and services should take into account the aesthetics and values u200bu200bof the new generation, make full use of the interaction between parents and children when shopping, and value the influence of parent-child relationship in purchasing behavior to create family consumption.
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