Film production companies in India comprises two

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-19
Entertainment Industry and Advertising For nearly 50 years, the Indian cinema, better known as Bollywood, has been the central form of entertainment in India. Its success has not only been confined to the country but has even reached abroad. Commercial releases by film production companies in India have become popular not only in India, but wherever Indian cinema is being broadcast. The entertainment industry also includes advertising, and there has been a harmonious relationship between Bollywood and advertising. The state television broadcast the first ad in 1976. According to a study performed in 1984, the ratio of advertising expenditure to sales was on the rise. It increased from .64 in 1976, to .74 in 1984. Relationship between Advertising and Cinema As said earlier, there has been a fruitful relationship between advertising and film production. Dating back, renowned director Satyajit Ray began his career with an ad agency. DJ Keymer, Shyam Benegal, and Govind Nihalani also worked with several advertisement companies. Admen have thus often transitioned from television to the silver screen. The recent admen include R Balki from Lowe, Prasoon Joshi from Mc Canns, and so forth. The relationship between the two industries has helped stretch the boundaries of Bollywood and contributed to the development of film production companies in India. Film Production Companies and Advertising Today Today advertisers grown into filmmakers have a better temperament that is scientifically oriented. This helps such companies produce better movies as well as television commercials. Being aware of the science of marketing and consumer behavior, they can grasp best what goes well with the public. In tune with changing realities, they can connect with a large audience and use the publicity blitz for their movie. The overall scenario has thus been quite positive and the relationship is based on mutual harmony that benefits both kinds of entertainment industries equally. film production companies in india have seen the best of the entertainment industry since the 1970s. One such company offers exceptional advertising services for products and businesses.
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