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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-13
No matter how advanced a fabric is, no matter how waterproof it is, there is an inherent problem with making garments out of it. Whenever you put a garment together, a needle has to pass through the fabric to sew two pieces together. Even if the needle is thin and the hole is small, this renders the garment not waterproof because moisture and other hazardous materials can get in. This makes the garment and wearer susceptible to the outside conditions to ca keep the wearer from being clean and dry as they do their job. Depending on the type of job and worker, a garment that is not entirely waterproof can harm and injure the professional wearing it. This is where seam sealing tape comes into play. It is places over anywhere there is a seam to create a strong adhesive bond between the two pieces of fabric to block moisture and other materials from coming through to the workers skin. Seams do not create a waterproof seam alone, so tape is an important part of the waterproof garment making process. Workers are sometimes in conditions where their health or even their life can depend on a strong bond and waterproofed seams. There are many industries that use sewn-seams and seam sealing tape to keep workers safe. Here are a few. Outdoor Gear There is seam sealing tape on garments meant for recreational outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and joggers, but there is a world of professional workers that spend the majority of their day out in the elements are need effective seam sealing tape. They interact with nature, all kinds of weather and hazardous situations. Seam sealing tape is utilized on tents for utility workers, jacket seams, backpacks and utility bags, tool bags, gloves and even hats to make sure that no matter the weather and no matter the use of the garment, the wearer is dry and safe. Subterranean Gear From Europe to Africa to the Americas, cave diving is a very popular sport. Caves are riddles with moisture and subterranean rivers. Enthusiasts seek out these areas, but they are not the only ones that need to lower down in the underground landscapes. Geologists and other professionals have to spend time in these damp environments, and their garments have to be waterproof so they can do their job effectively and efficiently. Seam sealing tape keeps the sometimes bacteria and fungi laden moisture from seeping through their garments to their skin. Hazmat Equipment Hazmat workers rely heavily on seam seal tape. Their suits are worn around chemical spills, clean ups, research areas and medical facilities. If their suits have a leak, it could mean their life. Seam sealing tape provides a 100% sealed garment and allows them to do their job without a worry to their or others health. With seam sealing tape, hazmat workers can continue to do invaluable research and provide much needed aid without the worry of being hurt themselves. Seam sealing tape is important. It allows professionals around the world to continue doing their jobs in the harshest of weather and most dangerous of situations. It may seem like a simple item to just keep water out, but it's critical to the people who need it. Next time you slip on your jacket that uses seam sealing tape, remember the many uses around the globe. Wear only the best and ditch the rest. Seam seal tape from Loxy is the #1 product for keeping professional workers dry, no matter the application. For the best in waterproofing, choose only Loxy Seam Sealing Tape .
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