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--------------------------------------- LICE ARE. --------------------------------------- Only the head lice are much smaller. Some dandruff or other foreign materials may be mistaken for nits if not checked properly. These three types of human lice can be seldom seen in the eyelashes. These lice are highly contagious. Body lice can be easily acquired when there is exact touching of two bodies. Pubic lice can also be transferred from a child like when sleeping in the same bed. BEHAVIOR OF LICE --------------------------------------- Furthermore, lice compose primarily of young nymphs, which is hard to notice because of their small size. It is very hard to see the lice because they are so small and they move very fast in their own atmosphere but they can be seen using a ordinary magnifying glass and with the help of a bright light. These six-legged pests have extraordinary claws that make them grip very tightly to the hair. Only those inseminated eggs by the female will be hatched. Lice are also called 'cooties'. LICE HISTORY --------------------------------------- So far, the head-to-head contact is the most familiar means of spreading head lice. K. By means of the latest gathered lice samples, we can work out the rate of recurrence, geographic distribution and inherited variety of louse mitochondrial clades to find out the origin of the lice that belong to Clade B. The National Health Service in the U. SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS --------------------------------------- It can be treated with antibiotic. The bites can be tolerated for the first week but it becomes very irritating in the coming weeks. These incidents can be very hard to handle because the person afflicted is usually discharged as being unsteady. If you observe that your child is persistently scratching his/her head and tells you that this tremendous itch won't stop, bring the child to the doctor. Most bites are so tiny, usually in red marks but it can be seen mostly at the back of the neck under the persons long hair. Once a louse is found out, all the members of the family should be examined using a nit comb but only the ones with lice should be taken care of. TREATMENT --------------------------------------- The National Pediculosis Association forcefully gives an opinion against the use of lindane because it has been reported that it caused some severe health circumstances like seizures and possibly tumor. Methods for eradicating head lice are referred to as 'Delousing'. You can use adhesive tape wrapped around your finger with the sticky side up. It may be blown by the wind into your house. You will have to remove the lice manually. THESE ARE THE ESSENTIAL WAYS TO REMOVE LICE AND NITS AND TO KEEP THEM FROM COMING BACK: --------------------------------------- Planning coherent policies is very precious thus all concerned parents, nurses and school officials cooperate from it. But they cannot differentiate the active from the inactive attacks due to deficiency of knowledge and instruments. If necessary, it may be thrown away. It is an effective way to kill the lice Clothes which cannot be machine washed should be dry cleaned. Do not use the same treatment for more than 3 times with the same person. Cleanse all the clothes, bed covers, pillows, sleeping bags used by the person infested using extremely hot water and hot dry for about 20 minutes. Many schools necessitate their students to be free from nits before coming back. PREVENTION --------------------------------------- If you think that you followed every given directions and the child still has lice, this could only mean that there may be some nits left on the scalp; or there is still a member of the family with lice; maybe the medicine you are using is inappropriate. Check the members of the family who's got close contact to the person infested every 3 days. Some products cannot totally kill the lice, it only eliminates a few. If the lice occurrence continues in two weeks, it is the time to consult the doctor. Some preventative measures of lice attack for our children: Advise the kids not to get in close contact with other children's head anywhere they go Never let the kids borrow or share their private belongings such as head bands, hair brush, handkerchiefs, caps and bonnets and even earphones with anyone else, even to people no lice Keep coats and hats in separate hangers at home and at school.
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