Gold filled jump rings are also known as split rings

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-05
To open or close the gold filled jump rings you need to have two good set of jewelry pliers. To avoid scratches on the jump rings it would be wise to cover the teeth of the pliers with a transparent piece of office cello tape. To open the jump ring, hold it with one set of pliers and slowly apply pressure in the area where the split is with the other pair of pliers. Open the required width and put the jewelry into the jump ring. To close the jump ring, close the pliers over the jump ring at the opposite side of the opening. Remember, that jump rings hold jewelry pieces such as pendants, or clasp to the chains or bracelets. So you need to ensure that gold filled jump rings of these jewelry pieces are strong and in good condition. However, if you feel that they are not strong enough and have to be replaced, then it can be done easily without damaging the jewelry. The chain or the jewelry made from gold filled chains should be cleaned regularly. These chains are delicate; therefore it is necessary to wipe the chain clean using a soft jewelry cloth or a damp cotton swab. This will remove the dust and the dirt. Use a polishing cloth to restore the sheen of the gold filled jewelry. If you are not able to do the cleaning yourself, take the gold filled chain to the jewelry. They will remove the accumulated dirt and polish the jewelry at a minimum charge. After use, you should wipe the chain with a soft cloth before putting it back into the jewelry box. Also ensure that you do not put your gold filled chain along with other jewels. The reason is there is possibility of the chain getting entangled Buy a similar kind of gold filled spring rings. It would be easily available in any reputed jewelry shop. First remove the old jump ring without causing damage to the chain, pendant or clasp. As mentioned earlier cover the teeth of the pliers with a duct tape to avoid scratches. Open the new gold filled jump ring and create the required gap. Now slip in the jewelry piece and with the help of the pliers close the jump ring.
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