Gold finger of true and false of the high temperature tape how to distinguish

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
With the increasing demand for high temperature tape, goldfinger high temperature adhesive tape manufacturers also have sprung up. Around the manufacturer is also growing, high temperature lead to sales on the market at present auric goldfinger tape quality is really false, make many friends all don't know how to distinguish. Below summarizes several methods can teach you to distinguish goldfinger high-temperature tape of true and false.

method one: see material pledge

gold finger high temperature adhesive tape is mainly composed of base material and glue the two most. If it is fake gold finger high temperature tape, whether it's heat resistance performance or heat insulation performance is far less than real gold finger tape.

method 2: smell

if the gold finger high temperature tape flavor is very thick, and is accompanied by a sour taste, that the gold finger high temperature tape will great may be false, and its viscosity and retention will also be very poor.

method 3: high temperature test

to actual gold finger high temperature tape high temperature test, after high temperature, check the stripping force, whether to have glue residue, the phenomenon such as shrinkage. Because really gold finger heat-resistant performance of high temperature adhesive tape is usually between 120 to 260 degrees. Four:


appearance look gold finger brightness on the surface of the high temperature tape, in general, inferior high-temperature tape are a little dark color, and the probability of fracture is very high, intensity difference. On the other hand, the good quality of gold finger high temperature adhesive tape, surface gloss is better.

method 5: see the residue after burning

can use lighter roast first 1 to 2 seconds, reoccupy hand touch. If normal, with hands after burning, glue will adhere to the hand, if is really gold finger there would be no adhesive to the hands of high temperature tape. 6:

method for material test

test, to see gold finger high temperature adhesive tape. Because of different kinds of, some gold finger after high temperature adhesive tape is in the high temperature resistant, strong stickiness, have a plenty of no residue leaving off after high temperature, some is after high temperature deformation, so the concrete is how to see your tape.

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