Gold finger tape that is not afraid of high temperatures

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-10
Gold finger tape, also known as Kapton tape and high temperature resistant tape.

The color of gold finger tape is golden. The biggest feature is high temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature of 280 degrees in a short time. It can be used for solder shielding, high temperature spraying, shielding protection, metal plate ribs, transformers, electronic switches, etc... .. mostly used in the electronics industry. In addition to the characteristics of the gold finger, it can also be resistant to high and low temperatures, corrosion, aging, tensile, waterproof, conformability, insulation, etc.

Golden finger tape is also very demanding in terms of workmanship, because of its unique characteristics, such as the production technology does not meet the requirements, it is easy to break, if you have friends in similar situations, you can put the tape in the air conditioner Keep it in a house or a warm place for a period of time. There are many applications and characteristics of gold finger tape.

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