[Good-looking stationery] Can’t write with a pen, terrible

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-19
Computer Chinese characters are often used to write cursively. With the popularization and application of computers, people rely on computers for good-looking stationery. It has become a common phenomenon to forget characters when writing pens, and the Chinese characters gradually degenerate from being able to write to only recognizable. degree. Yesterday, the Democratic Progressive Jilin Provincial Committee... often used computer Chinese characters to write cursively. With the popularization and application of computers, people’s reliance on computers for good-looking stationery has become stronger and stronger. It gradually degenerates from being able to write to a level that can only be recognized. Yesterday, the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party put forward a group proposal of 'Recommendations to Pay Attention to the Decline of Chinese Character Writing Culture' at this political association, suggesting that we should attach great importance to it. As a major cultural province, our province should stop this phenomenon from spreading. .  Improper name writing. Relying on the examination number to check.   Nowadays, people seem to be unable to live without a computer. It is necessary to strengthen the writing of Chinese characters. The middle-level leader of a unit, Mr. Sun, said that the unit organized the exam a few days ago, and it was all multiple-choice questions. The only place to write is to write the name. After the good-looking stationery finished the papers, the names written by the candidates were twisted and unrecognizable. They could only be checked by the examination number. About 10% of the names were written irregularly, and the candidates’ academic qualifications were at least junior college.   Mr. Sun believes that to strengthen the culture of writing Chinese characters, not only should the writing function be strengthened, but also the impact of Internet culture on Chinese grammar and semantics should be paid attention to, and the Chinese culture should be passed on.  Include the writing of Chinese characters in the syllabus  In the group proposal of the People’s Progressive Jilin Provincial Committee, five suggestions for strengthening the culture of Chinese writing are put forward. First, it is recommended that the provincial party committee, provincial government, and party and government agencies at all levels promote the use of handwriting in general condolence letters, good-looking stationery congratulatory letters, learning experiences, and exchanges in addition to formal manuscripts, combined with experience in promoting Mandarin. Party and government agencies work hard to standardize traditional writing. The second is to suggest that the provincial education department should guide schools to strengthen written teaching. Students should not be encouraged to submit electronic assignments during the compulsory education stage. Students should be allowed to receive higher and more comprehensive writing education at school, and gradually develop good writing habits and become proficient. Good writing skills and preliminary calligraphy appreciation ability.  The third is to suggest that the education department of our province set up calligraphy courses in schools, and include pen, brush, and chalk writing as basic and compulsory courses in the syllabus.  Fourth is to suggest that relevant departments develop and promote smart software for handwriting input of Chinese characters with China's independent intellectual property rights. Good-looking stationery allows computer manuscripts to retain personal handwriting, and while popularizing computers, it reflects the advantages of traditional calligraphy culture.  Fifth, it is recommended to take advantage of the national promotion of Putonghua publicity week and the Spring Festival couplet writing opportunities, the good-looking stationery launches mass calligraphy and handwriting competitions, and advocates the concept that writing good Chinese characters is the basic quality of every citizen. Zhou Weijie, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, deputy director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, and chairman of the Jilin Province Calligraphers Association, said that writing Chinese characters with a pen can strengthen people’s memory of words. Typing with a computer is fast, but it is easy to understand characters. Typing and good-looking stationery do not mean that you can write. It would be a terrible thing if young Chinese can't write with a pen.   In addition, the writing of Chinese characters has both practicality and high aesthetic value. Chinese characters are the shining jewel in the cultural treasure house of the Chinese nation. It needs to be inherited and carried forward from generation to generation. Writing Chinese characters is also the inheritance and development of the traditional Chinese culture. To increase Chinese writing classes, it is necessary for Shi Liying, assistant to the principal of Jiefangdalu Primary School in Changchun City, a provincial super teacher, and a national model teacher to have been engaged in language education for more than 20 years. She said that if pen, brush, and chalk writing are included in the syllabus, school teachers can still For those who are competent, it is necessary to increase the hours of writing Chinese characters. Normal students who graduated from secondary normal schools are fully qualified for the teaching of writing brushes for elementary school students.
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