Green high temperature tape classification and used correctly

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Green high temperature adhesive tape has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to high pressure. It is mainly used in some electronic products, automobile industry, paint and other high temperature mask industry. So the industry friends, do you know how to correctly use green high temperature tape?

  1. Green high tempreature adhesive tape coating: repairing adhesive is made up of A and B two ingredients. When used, the proportion of used must be in strict accordance with the regulations. The main agent and curing agent B mix, until uniform color, can be used in the specified range. Time after use, the rest of the glue will not be used again.

  2. Green high temperature tape will be mixed repairing adhesive coated on the surface of the base material that processed, when applying uniform application of force, and then repeatedly to ensure that the materials in contact with the substrate surface completely, to have a better effect. When need multi-layer coating, should be on the surface of the original coating before coating process;

    If you use high temperature resistant potting glue, potting must be cured at room temperature for 24 hours after to remove air bubbles, and then enter the high temperature oven curing under 100 ℃, the effect will be better. If not curing at high temperature, you may need to 7 days to completely cured at room temperature, effect is better than high temperature.

  3. The temperature below 25 ℃, may be extended appropriately cure time. When the temperature below 15 ℃, please use the appropriate heat source for heating, Infrared, furnace, etc. ) , but in the process of heating, please do not directly touch the repaired parts. The correct operation is heat source in the 60 ~ 80 ℃ temperature, at least 40 cm away from the surface repair, maintain 2 ~ 3 hours.

    Mainly includes the lithium battery end tape, goldfinger tape, green, high temperature adhesive tape, etc. They mostly through on PI or PET plastic film coating made of high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Its features include high temperature insulation and shielding protection;

    Insulation: battery protective tape is mainly manifested in the application.

    Heat shield: goldfinger tape, green for a high temperature adhesive tape in the general process of high temperature resistant, for their own protection. Widely used in electronic processing, welding, and other fields

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