Green high tempreature adhesive tape and the difference between ordinary tape where

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

green high temperature tape it's material is polyester film ( PET) , polyimide ( PI) , meguiar's paper/crepe paper + PET; - its temperature resistance is in 120 degrees 260 degrees; High wet tape noe time in 1 minute 30 minutes; Green high temperature tape main products are PET spraying high temperature tape, green green, high temperature resistant adhesive tape of the lacquer that bake, PI green high temperature tape, green high temperature tape, polyimide coating red crepe tape, tin red textured adhesive tape, etc. Common the material of tape it is OPP, BOPP, cotton paper, crepe paper, its temperature resistance is normal temperature time of heat-resistant, ordinary tape will differ according to use environment, generally use after stripping residue.

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