Green plastic packaging industry trends

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

            Entering the new century, the world economy continue to deepen adjustment and change of strategy of sustainable development is the world's total industrial change background, is the background of the plastic packaging industry environment change. With the tide of environmental protection, consumers of commodity packaging is higher and higher requirements are put forward. Green packaging is the need of the international development trend of environmental protection, but also represents the national packaging industry development trend, is to improve the product market competitiveness, avoid one of the important content of new trade barriers. Corresponding to this, the plastic packaging of greening has become an important development trend.

            Developing recyclable green packaging materials

packaging waste regulations varies from place to place, but there is a common principle: encourage to use less raw material. In the packaging design should try to use the same material, the material of separable can coexist, and tend to use simple structure, easy recycling of materials. As far as possible on the premise of meet the packaging function, reduce the discharge of waste, which showed a trend of packaging film lightweight development. Plastic stabilization technology

biodegradable plastic is generally divided into biodegradable plastics, plastic and the biodegradation/light degradable plastics, etc. Domestic research and development of varieties include light degradation, biodegradation, light oxygen biodegradation, biodegradable high starch content type, high calcium carbonate filler type optical oxygen degradation, fully biodegradable and other categories. Biodegradable plastics in packaging applications, already pervaded in ordinary packaging film, shrink film, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc. , to improve the environmental quality has played a positive role. Starting from protecting the ecological balance, the complete biodegradable plastics is imminent, especially edible flour or inorganic mineral filler of high quality and low cost fully biodegradable plastics is an important research topic of biodegradable plastics is.

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recycling heat energy or use steel furnace recycled plastic waste burned development

recycling of plastic waste recycling heat is a main means, is a the most realistic choice for the governance of plastic waste. Should be in the future research and development of plastic garbage disposal to provide thermal energy related equipment, design a simple to use, longer life, lower equipment price, to speed up the recovery of heat energy and make use of steel furnace recycled plastic waste in our country's research and development.

edible film edible packaging film is a natural edible substance ( Such as polysaccharide, protein, etc. ) As a raw material, through the interaction between different molecules to form a thin film with porous network structure. Such as chitosan edible packaging film, corn protein packaging film, modified cellulose edible packaging film and compound edible packaging film, etc. Edible film can be applied to the inner packing of ready-to-eat products, should have the huge market in the food industry.

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water soluble plastic packaging film

water soluble plastic packaging film as a novel green packaging material, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries are widely used in all kinds of product packaging, such as pesticides, fertilizers, paints, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, mineral additives, detergent, concrete additive, photographic chemicals and chemical reagents of gardening nursing.

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plastic development circulation economy corresponding policy

at present, our country put solid plastic waste facilities in Shanghai has emerged, but still there are a lot of people put at will. Quite a number of areas, departments and enterprises show the immediate interests of short-term behavior.

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accord with environmental protection food packaging plastic CT

CT not only high temperature resistant, and one of the most prominent advantages, is its function and commonly known as 'bubble method foam plastic' PSP plastic products, and a quarter of the volume is only equivalent to the latter. When the recovery so avoid all the problems caused by large, and to eliminate the negative effect on the environment created the extremely advantageous condition.

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high barrier property of plastic packaging materials with high strength and high barrier property of plastic can not only improve the protection of food, and when the same amount of food packaging can reduce the amount of plastic, and even can be repeated use. Now commonly used domestic high barrier property of the material with aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, poly (vinylidene chloride, etc. With the improvement of food on protective requirements, better barrier property of ethylene, vinyl alcohol copolymer and polyvinyl alcohol are also beginning to application.

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