Groups buying new stationery are mainly in the lower grades, and children should be guided to consume rationally

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-02
On the opening date of primary and secondary schools, students went to major stationery stores in the urban area to purchase stationery supplies to prepare for the new semester. The sales of stationery also began to enter the peak season, in order to understand the specific sales of the stationery market in our city. According to the situation, the reporter visited the stationery area of u200bu200bmajor stationery stores and large supermarkets in our city. On the opening date of MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 pounds Normal0, students went to major stationery stores in the city to purchase stationery for the new semester. Preparation, the sales of stationery has also entered the peak season. In order to understand the specific sales situation of the stationery market in our city, the reporter visited the stationery special areas of major stationery stores and large supermarkets in our city. There are many stationery stores in the city. Here, most of the customers are Yingmen. Most of the customers are middle school students. They have two or three classmates who come with them, and some are accompanied by parents. Many students leave the stationery store with loads of loads. A salesperson of a stationery store said that since the beginning of this month, stationery sales have gradually become prosperous, and sales are now several times higher than usual. A service staff at a stationery store in a large supermarket on Tongguan Road said that considering that students' spending power is still relatively low, most of their stationery prices are very low, so they are very popular with students. Teacher Zhang from the Third Attachment of the Teachers College told reporters that the group buying new stationery in the new semester is mainly new students, and students in lower grades are more enthusiastic than students in higher grades. As for stationery, children in lower grades often don't have a sense of cherishing their use. Usually a pencil is gone after a few strokes. On the podium of our class, we collected a lot of ‘unclaimed’ pencils, erasers and other small stationery. Principal Zhang Yibao of the Primary School Affiliated to Teachers College said that the school does not advocate frequent and high-grade consumption of stationery that is not actually needed. In the future, the school will further strengthen the education of students’ values, and will also pay attention to carrying out various moral education activities to encourage children if they have any. Free money can be used to help children who are in difficulties and help them develop a good habit of saving. He also pointed out that parents have a great influence on children's consumption outlook, so they also pay attention to let parents participate more in the school's moral education, and correctly guide their children to consume reasonably through parent meetings, home visits and parent-child activities.
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