Handbag factory production application of color series

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

    Handbag factory production use of color series: hand carry bag to categorize ten points, classified according to size of the different, will have thousands of different kinds of bag printing, various, its action efficacy, appearance, content also is different. So when the bag printing color sequence is how? Below the net weaving guys in detail, & have spent       1, handbags printing products have a full version of the scene, and a text, wireframes, pattern. Such as wine box packaging, medicine trademark logo, packaging and printing products such as packaging and printing color sequence of proposal printed text, wireframes, pattern first, then put the full version of the site to eventually computer operating packaging printing, because it can prevent hand carry bag paper thick, imprint when working paper impact rub each other bad, opposite the status of the sticky dirty.         2, put the deep tonal in the front, is shallow light color on the back of packaging and printing, because tonal darker printing ink paint adhesion, strong adhesive force, on the front printing first, is advantageous to the printing precision, shallow light color paint adhesion is weak, on the back of dieyin slightly run as usual is not easy to watch out, relatively, the printing effect.         3, usually in a packaging and printing goods, half a color 4 color electric outlets, and the pattern, the text, line box, at this time, electric points, four color should be printed first, network is good for printing precision, reduce papier-mache telescopic harm, then printing continuous adjustable text, line, pattern, on the packaging and printing color sequence distribution should choose order, easy to difficult when relatively moderate.         Four, summer air temperature change is big, and its sounds very season, to control the temperature of the good natural environment humidity, harm to hand carry bag printing paper moisture content is not symmetrical, hair wrinkled; Bending, stripped off become warped on leveling, packaging and printing paper must be cut out around crib, semi-finished products processing plastic packing sealed.

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