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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-19
Given their mobile lifestyle, such people tend to become habituated to the house removal experience. They eventually become experts at moving base at short time intervals. A common refrain among those who have endured house removals is the lack of proper packaging supplies. Most operators offering house removal solutions tend to provide minimal assistance with the packaging. Yet, it is at this stage that customers tend to differentiate between the run-of-the-mill services provider versus those that provide quality moving services. And they usually reward the latter with their business. Beirut Moving and Storage is the leader in the storage solutions market in the region. Its leadership status has endowed it with an insurmountable advantage over the competition. Unlike most other players, Beirut Moving and Storage has managed to do this by understanding customer needs and pairing it up with their vast experience. In addition to its customized storage solutions, Beirut Moving and Storage has added yet another dimension to its repertoire. Customers at Beirut Moving and Storage need not look elsewhere for their packaging needs. Boxes are available in two sizes, Small and Medium. The dimensions for the same are 45cmx45cmx45cm and 60cmx60cmx60cm respectively. Boxes built to custom-sizes are available on prior arrangements. One can also find other packaging materials such as: Corrugated Ply, Bubble Wrap (Both available by the meter), Tape, Tape Guns, Stretch film, etc. For customers availing of the various house removal solutions, there is even a Home Shift Pack available for purchase. The contents of the pack include 7 small boxes + 5 large boxes + 1 stretch file + 6 meters of bubble wrap + 2 tapes + 6 meters of corrugated carton. The packing materials in the pack should be suitable for most standard requirements. Should one require further assistance, our qualified team of personnel is available at your service. To know more about the quality offerings do visit:
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