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By pre-shaping the zipper tape, you remove the stiffness of the zipper, make it work easily into a shaped seam and allow it to conform to the body curves without buckling. Follow this process: 1.Remove the zipper from the package. 2.Wet the zipper thoroughly and let it dry to preshrink it. 3.Press the tapes flat on each side of the metal teeth or nylon coil with a steam iron or with a damp cloth. NOTE: Be careful when you are pressing near a nylon coil. If the iron is too hot, it will melt the coil. After the first press, dampen the tapes once again with a damp sponge or wet cloth.Press the tapes while still damp - one side at a time. This time, stretch the tape and shape into an outward curve while pressing.Press until dry using the stretching, curving motion. By shaping the zipper this way, you make it more flexible. When you insert it into a curved seam, it will conform to the curve beautifully. Try it! It just makes sense!First Step To Sewing Success Marian Lewis is a sewing instructor and the creator of an amazing new fitting method for hard-to-fit sewing folks. In her ebook, 'Common Sense Fitting Method For Hard-To-Fit Sewing Folks Who Want Great Fitting Skirts And Pants', find out step-by-step WHAT you really need, WHERE you really need it and HOW to apply that to a commercial sewing pattern. When you want to look your best, the Von Zipper Sunglasses can help you to achieve that perfect look. Whether you are looking for a pair that are fun and flirty to a pair that intrigues mystery the Von Zipper Sunglasses have a style for you. These classy sunglasses come in a variety of styles with accompanying price ranges. Some of the styles that you be interested in purchasing include the Von Zipper Monte SMSFMON or the Von Zipper Debutante for men and women respectively. These pairs of sunglasses range from $65 to $105. These sunglasses are fun and stylish. You will never find a boring pair of eye wear here. No two styles appear to be the same and they come in a variety of hues. The lenses for these sunglasses come in orange/ tan, rose pink, grey, chrome, gloss gradient, tort gradient and bronze. The frames of these glasses also have a variety of designs. Some include solid colors such as black, white, silver, bronze and gold. Others come in designs such as Mosaic Tort, Urban Gorilla, Tortoise Bronze, Streaky Tort and Olive Mosaic. With these combinations, the styles are limitless. Sunglasses are not just for the look. They also help to protect one's eyes from the powerful and many times harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, Von zipper has made it a priority for its sunglasses to give its clients the best protection from these rays with 100 percent UV protection. These glasses have also been built from endurance. They have stainless steel optical hinges, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses in case of an accidental dropping, optical quality frames, either base 6 or base 8 lens in a variety of shapes and other variants. Some glasses come equipped with silicon nose pads, wire injected temple core and Nylon grilamid temples, but these depend more on the style of the glasses. The previous features are universal features or all Von Zipper sunglasses. Other men's styles of Von Zipper sunglasses include the Fulton, the Fernstein, the V Zed, the Skitch, the Papa G SMSFQPAP, the Sham, the Kickstand, the Prowler, the Gamma, the Zorq, the Clutch and the Absinthe. Women's styles available at include the Dharma, the Alotta and the Saffron, the Riviera, the Banshee and the Lexicon. With these excellent sunglasses styles from Von Zipper, you will always have the largest selection of styles for both men and women. Von Zipper is a high quality brand that offers its customer base protection from the sun and style unlike any other design brand.
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