High-end stationery attracts children's attention but becomes a family burden

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-02
Recently, all elementary and middle school students in our city will arrive at school one after another, and the new semester of study will begin soon. Parents have taken their children to major stationery stores to buy stationery for the new semester. However, the reporter found in the interview that in order to buy for their children There are not a few parents who pay 400 or 500 for a one-time payment of acceptable stationery. This is likely to increase their children's comparison psychology and also create a burden on working-class families. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbsNormal0 Recently, all primary and secondary school students in our city will arrive at school one after another, and they will start learning in the new semester. Parents have taken their children to major stationery stores to purchase stationery for the new semester. However, the reporter found in the interview In order to buy desirable stationery for their children, there are not a few parents who pay four or five hundred at a time. This is likely to increase their children’s comparison psychology and also burden working-class families. Parents stationery has become a burden for the family. With a bag of stationery, Ms. Pu looked helpless. When I went out just now, my son repeatedly said that his classmates’ schoolbags must be changed. He must ask for a new schoolbag and a brand. She told reporters that last semester, the son who was in the fourth grade of elementary school bought 5 stationery boxes. . These stationery boxes are not bad, why do they want to change them again? Each is so expensive! But the son replied to her: If your clothes are not torn, you will have to wear them for a lifetime? It's like this in our class, it's a trend! The reporter interviewed a large stationery shop on Jiaoda Road. When I walked into the stationery store, I saw six parents shopping for stationery, and two children were afraid that their parents would buy it unsatisfactorily and went into battle in person. Our classmates all bought this. It's very beautiful and foreign. You see, my stationery box is so versatile. A child was holding a stationery case he had just bought, showing off the luxury of the stationery case to the reporter. The reporter looked at the price tag, which said 68 yuan. There is only one item of stationery expenditure per semester, at least three to four hundred yuan. Stationery has become a family burden now. Another parent said to the reporter: Now that children don’t like to use cheap stationery, they also said that the stationery used by other children is brand-name, but they use cheap stationery and lose face. Merchants High-end stationery caters to children's psychology Why are these expensive high-end stationery so attractive to children? At the stationery counters of several large and medium-sized shopping malls, the reporter found a common phenomenon that there is no shortage of stationery types at ordinary prices. An ordinary pencil is 0.5 yuan, and a pen sharpener is 0.5 yuan. However, there are few buyers in front of some high-end stationery counters. Stationery boxes are generally more than 30 yuan, and penknives made into the shape of houses and cars are all more than 30 yuan. The most common student schoolbags cost about 60 yuan, and the high can reach hundreds of yuan. Children nowadays mainly pursue appearance and function. An industry insider said frankly that a multifunctional stationery box worth nearly one hundred yuan is definitely not as good as a normal metal stationery box in terms of service life, but the cheaper stationery lacks enough of the higher-priced stationery in terms of appearance and color. A gimmick that attracts children. Such stationery, with the change of fashion trends, has also become the main reason why children frequently change stationery. Experts The key lies in the education of parents. A teacher from Southwest Jiaotong University believes that the addition of toy attributes to stationery has not attracted children to concentrate on learning because of novelty, but distracted children from learning more. Especially the students in the lower grades of elementary school have poor self-control ability and buy high-end stationery. Instead, the pupils develop the bad habit of playing with stationery, which affects their study. Dr. Zhao Xuegang, who has been engaged in education research for a long time, believes that parents should appropriately control the expenditure of children’s school supplies, and cannot blindly accommodate their children. They should start from themselves and guide children to choose suitable school supplies according to their learning needs. School supplies can also be regarded as grades. As for the rewards after the increase, it is necessary to avoid the enjoyment and comparison among children, and schools should also strengthen the ideological education of diligence and thrift for children.
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