High temperature adhesive tape and electronic use? Termination of the role of the tape is lithium batteries?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
High temperature adhesive tape and electronic use?

1。 The insulation of the wire and cable industry cladding; Insulation lining

2. PCB high-temperature tape covered; PCB baking tin, gold-plated cover; < br / >

3。 LED dot matrix, digital tube LED display, electrical panel, such as high temperature glue covered;

4。 Chassis is obstructed, toughened glass and other high temperature spraying powder;

5。 Used in textile, food, medicine, wood processing and other departments as heat insulation materials;

6。 Color printing packaging machine, microwave drying plastic woven wire drawing machine, all kinds of conveyor belt and clothing packaging industry hot glue sealing pressure of all kinds of bag making machine, sealing machine, hot sealing end surface, etc.

what is the function of a lithium battery end tape?

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1。 Lithium battery end tape used specifically to electrician to prevent leakage, insulation purpose of tape. Has good resistant to high voltage, fire and weather resistance and other properties, characteristics, designed for connecting separated electrical wires for electrical insulating and protection purposes. Battery tape is one of the necessary tools in terms of electrician.


2。 Lithium battery end tape, polypropylene insulation material is used for the base material, on the basis of the coated with lithium ion battery electrolyte resistant special acrylic glue, the thickness of 0. 016mm、0. 020mm、0. 03mm、0. 035mm、0. 04 mm, 0。 5 mm, specially used in lithium ion batteries and other parts of the insulation of fixed protection, strong electrolyte resistance, high adhesion, appropriate soft, environmental protection without halogen.


3。 Lithium battery end tape using automatic high precision coating machine domestic leading technology coating step method, and then the automatic constant tension control of high speed cutting, rewinding processing and manufacturing; The whole manufacturing process in all grade purification workshop, high precision production equipment, product stability and good vision. The product formulation and production technology, special glue is suitable adhesion, attach and stripping again no incomplete glue. Product use: the main production for cylindrical and square, small and medium-sized lithium ion battery and large power lithium-ion battery batteries, termination and other parts of the insulation protection and fixed.

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