High temperature adhesive tape residue problem, how to maintain high temperature tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Because of the high temperature tape produced belongs to the highly skilled craft, and the original information contain chemical composition, and each customer's application situation, coating equipment, skills, produce process, personnel gathered many elements such as the operation.

after high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in the high temperature baking residual glue, glue etc. Phenomenon, due to the residue of tiny, only by touch or close observation can be found that the influence of the lacquer that bake, usually caused by spraying does not reach the designated position, appear the phenomenon such as empty point;

therefore must be present in the process of producing abnormal, if found in production line produce process residue, abnormal artifacts will be immediately pulled out, alone, also for the online product, increase the intensity of reflection, over a period of time may be necessary the number of bad calculation, analyzes the rate of residual gum percentage, finally on the basis of practical conditions for isolation of this batch of adhesive tape, until find the problem.

how to maintain high temperature tape? < br / >

1, high temperature tape shall be stored in the warehouse, to avoid the sun, the rain; Ban on contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, keep clean and dry, found from device 1 m, in - at the room temperature Between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃.

2. The high temperature tape from crawling or crawl, keep roller, vertical roll, flexible tension moderation.

3, high temperature tape should be into place, do not fold, when storage time too long, should flip a quarterly.

4, high temperature adhesive tape type, specification and concrete conditions according to use need, reasonable selection.

5, may not be the different varieties, different specifications, intensity, cloth layer of high tempreature adhesive tape ( With group) Use together.

6, cleanliness is the basic condition of high temperature tape running, foreign substances affect belt eccentric, tension, and even rupture.

found in 7, using high tempreature adhesive tape have early damage phenomenon, should be timely find the reasons, repair, avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

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