High temperature adhesive tape to adapt to various purposes

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

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1。 1 tape widely used, high temperature resistant protection. Cling film isolation tape, in fact, now chongqing many supermarkets in bundles of vegetables are green. All carrefour supermarket in chongqing, bind to vegetables also did improve in a timely manner. The relevant person in charge of chongqing carrefour told our reporter that seen after chongqing commercial daily reported, the company also attaches great importance to leadership, bind to local stores vegetables also made timely adjustment. The officials say that carrefour supermarket mainly adopt the way of straw rope and cling film isolation bundled vegetables, local bulk, bagging by citizens themselves. The head also said that if the chongqing business newspaper readers have a better suggestion, will also be adopted.

2。 Environmental protection bag tear tape bundling as early as three years ago, began to consciously direct contact to prevent high temperature heat-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes edible vegetables. New century supermarket relevant responsible person, usually is to use a certain width of the code of the tie up on vegetables, and then using the store name of red tape, some is bundled with woven cord. The chief hope start from these small details, for the sake of public health. Local shops, head of the department store supermarket tells a reporter, special custom made one inch wide flat pocket tear tape, in vegetable area, one is bound to vegetables is more convenient, also compare healthy environmental protection.

3。 Head, food sort yesterday, wal-mart, told reporters that mainly use packaging of fruits and vegetables in three ways: first, with the method of pre-packaged, place of fruits and vegetables quantitative within the container, and the package seal, food plastic wrap content such as weighing will be marked with the weight and amount of labels on the outer packing. Second, vegetables and fruits zone set up food bag, the customer was able to remove the food bag, and place of fruits and vegetables in packs to the mall said scale weighing settlement; Third, the store said a setting scale food bag, according to local customers to choose and customers of vegetable and fruit packaging, mall said the scale of wal-mart assistant will take the initiative to take food bag, will choose fruits and vegetables with food bag packaging after weighing and settlement. Extending the 'details' supermarket also evolved now people more and more concerned about the health, quality and convenience, the reporter understands in the interview, some very humble little detail may you didn't pay attention at ordinary times, but as long as pay attention to, will be moved by the supermarket close. Label on the fruit and the new century, head of the supermarket and department store supermarket tells a reporter, generally will not put any sticker on his fruit, if is had to local fruit must stick, these labels are posted on such as apples, pears, remove fine not consumed locally.

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