High temperature adhesive tape type and purpose

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

  High temperature adhesive tape, that is, under the high temperature working environment using adhesive tape. Is mainly used in the electronics industry USES, heat-resistant performance between 120 to 260 degrees, usually used to spray paint, lacquer that bake, leather processing, coating cover fixed, printed circuit boards and electronic parts process and heat treatment to cover. High temperature tape high temperature including KAPTON tape, high temperature teflon tape, high temperature textured paper tape, PET green high temperature tape, high temperature double-sided adhesive, etc.

  1, high temperature textured paper

high-temperature crepe tape main can be used for sealing, paint, paint, packaging fixed, building decoration and other industries as well as plastic and metal parts such as high temperature paint spray shielding protection

& have spent   2, teflon tape

high temperature teflon tape can be widely used in packaging, thermoplastic plastics, composite materials, heat sealing seal, electrical industry. If for fabric reinforced with high temperature teflon tape, will have a higher strength characteristics, can be used in sizing machine, thermoplastic stripping roller industry such as

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& have spent 3, green glue

main can be used in electronic products, automobile industry, painting camouflage protection and insulation products such as high temperature spraying a variety of purposes, such as no residue leaving after made. At the same time can also be applied to printed circuit boards, electronic parts, fixed resistor capacitor production, as well as household appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries need spray paint protection at high temperature, high temperature bound to a fixed role.

    4, goldfinger tape

goldfinger tape is also known as high temperature polyimide tape, a large number of applied to prevent welding protection, high temperature insulation transformer coil strapping; Capacitor insulation materials, PCB goldfinger high-temperature spraying cover protection, cell phone lithium battery manufacturing banding. Would finger company produces the high temperature polyimide tape insulating tape, polyimide film as substrate coated high temperature resistant silicone, with super high temperature resistant performance, when used for reflow soldering to protect goldfinger.

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